Problem with the broker

Hi all,

I have a problem with the broker.While I publish a document once to it, I got a Total document published value increased by 2 in the MWS Admin page…I have changed the Time To Live value to 1 and 2 and i got proper output.But while I set it to zero i am receiving the document twice for a single publish…Can any one suggest me the reason for this?


What version were you on? Any version but please check the settings for “Exactly Once Processing” on trigger.

If “Exactly Once Processing” is set to ‘false’, it should not matter what is in the other fields of this properties section.

The other options are:

  • Time to live: How long the entries are valid for comparison. If the second document arrives before this time frame it is consider duplicate, afterwards it is considered new.
  • Resolver service: a service you can write to place your own logic if a document should be treated as a duplicate or not.

See Developers User Guide and/or Pub/Sub-Guide for details.

Also check this thread about TTL:


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