Problem with Returning XML from a Flow Service

i prepared a flow service which extracts data from an ERP system and can be called through Ajax from a web page returning a response to the web page (more precisely to the calling javascript). My problem is that i cannot prepare the flow service to return a proper XML response, only a text response.
In my javascript, first i tried to use xmlhttp.responseXML but it only returned a null value. However, xmlhttp.responseText works well but the returned data is hard to handle. That’s why i need an XML response.
In the flow service, the extracted data is saved in a string list which i try to convert into an XML string. I use the following services to do that:

  1. pub.list:stringListToDocumentList

  2. pub.document:documentListToDocument

  3. pub.xml:documentToXMLString

  4. pub.flow:setResponse

My problem is that i don’t know how to properly fill up the parameters of these services (except setResponse) in my flow service to get an XML output at the end which is recognizable by Ajax… I am not sure what should be the value of the parameter “key” in pub.list:stringListToDocumentList or the parameters “name” and “value” of documentListToDocument.
Probably there is another way to produce an XML output from a string list so if you know one, i am happy to see that too.
Any help would be appreciated.

All the best, lw.

Haven’t tried that myself, but you can always take a look to the documentation. Here appears the reference to those services and their parameters: