Problem with REST Service for receiving Multiple Set-Cookie in Response Header


We have implemented a REST Service by using webMethods Integration Server 9.6
In the service we have done we call an external Web Service by creating a Web Service Descriptor Consumer. The service works right but we need to propagate the Cookies we are obtaining in this call and it is possible to have many cookies, not just one.
We have checked that when we call the external web service, for example with SOAP UI, we have the response with many Cookies:

But when we call this web service through the consumer we have created we have problems, by debugging the service we have seen that the service returns to us in the responseHeaders just one cookie and also that the cookie is not composed in the way it should and we have seen in SOAP UI:

For having more information we tried showing more information in the server.log and we have seen that actually we receive the information of the two cookies, but the problem with the second one is still there: the content of the value is not receive.

So we have two problems:

  1. How could we have a String List of all the cookies for the Set-Cookie response obtained in the responseHeaders? Or how could we have several ‘Set-Cookie’ in the response not necessarily in a specific String List?
  2. Why we are not receiving the full content of the Set-Cookie, just the name of the last cookie (konakartMethodName) but not the value of it, knowing that the service is responding fine as we checked in SOAP UI?

Thank you!