Problem with remote XML v42 Adapter

I’m wondering if anyone on the forum can help with this problem.
This is with regard to the XML Adapter v4.2
The Adapter Monitor and the XML adapter have been installed on an AIX 433 box. We are trying to configure the XML adapter here and connect to our broker (which resides on a remote Solaris box). We are seeing the following error when enabling the adapter on the AIX box:
Could not restart the webMethods Enterprise Adapters

no configuration for adapter proces “adapter name” on broker “broker name”
It should be mentioned that the adapter test completes successfully and it runs fine in DEBUG mode. The Adapter Monitor and the adapter process run under the same username . Other webMethods adapters (e.g. CADK Template Adapter) can be configured and run without any problems on this box (and connect to a remote broker).

Any ideas, suggestions are appreciated.

We resolved the problem by restarting the adapter monitor process. My guess is that the process was not restarted after installation of the XML 4.2 adapter.