Problem with records

I have a record reference(a) and a record(b), both with the same structure. I have string, which I tokenize to obtain the values for the record reference(a).

After that, I have a record list, and I loop through it to obtain the values of the record(b).

When I set the values for the record(b), it also changes the values of the record reference(a), and I don’t know whats going on.

I could apreciate any answer. thanks in advance.


Yemi Bedu


This is because you created a copy of the original records, and Integration Server treats the copy by reference. Any changes made to copy “B” will be reflected in Copy “A”.

Take a look at deep cloning records. It’s expensive to do in process, but will provide you with a second set of independent records that you can manipulate.

The deep clone method is in the java api docs. Rob Eamon has written about deep cloning on wmusers here, so search for this topic.

I hate to beat a dead horse.