Problem with parsexml ConfiguredEnterprise XML Adapter operation

I am trying to configure parse xml configured operation (xml adapter).
I have given input string name as “xmlString” and Recurse Level “0”.
The “Tools pallette” is not activating to define output structure after I have given above two parameters.
I would like to know is there any thing I missed while configuring this parse XML operation.
I need to give any input for “URI for DTD or XML instance” ?.
For my input xml data, does not contain any DTD.
Could any body help me in this.

I would like to know one more thing, there is no liscense key required for xml adapter?


The XML Adapter operations (Parse/Generate) always need either an XML document instance, DTD or XML Schema so that it can determine the structure of potential documents and create the output mappings. If you do not have a DTD for the xml messages you are integrating, you will need to create one before you can use the adapter operations.

It is usually good practice to define a DTD or Schema so that you have an interface contract, but I have my own integrations where the other application just creates the messages in an ad hoc manner, so I had to define a schema myself so I could use the adapter operations.

You are correct, there is no license key required for the XML adapter.


Thanks Steve

Please see the following xml source and DTD.
I am trying to configure “parsexml” config op.
I have given input …: xmlString
root: note
xml instance… : ???

Could you please tell me what I have to give in xml instance or URI field.

  1. My first operation is readxml operation and then use parsxml.

My xml souce isinxml.xml)

DTD is: (note.dtd)

note.dtd (0.1 k)

xdtd.xml (0.2 k)

You are very close to getting it to work. What you need in the URI field is the path to the note.dtd. If you just put note.dtd in this entry then the adapter will look for this file in the bin directory where the beans_adapter process is started.

There are a couple of options that work better than this.

  1. The note.dtd file resides in a Web Server WEB-INF directory where it can be accessed remotely using a URI like: http://server:port/dtds/note.dtd
  2. The note.dtd file resides on the local file system where the adapter runs and can be accessed using a URI like: file:///dtds/note.dtd

I’m not sure if you need the <!doctype> element in your incoming xml for the parse operation, but if it is used, your path to the note.dtd has to mirror what your adapter has set or it will not be able to find the dtd to parse the incoming message.

Try this and hopefully you should get it to work.