Problem with multiple subscriptions to a Document

I am having a flow service which will publish a document to a Topic (Durable Subscriber).

At the other end I have established two subscriptions to that document type. My requirement is when ever the document is published both the subscription services has to be executed.

But I see only either one of the two process is executing even though I am subscribing from a topic. Can any one help me in resolving the issue.

Thanks in advance.

Remove the Durable subscriber from both the JMS Triggers and try.


Hi Senthil,

I have tried it by removing durable subscriber for both the triggers but it doesn’t help. Is it because of the processing mode?

Currently both have serial processing mode.

Hi Rama,

  1. Delete the JMS TOPIC (Document Type, Destination, Pub/Sub permission in IS-JMS client group) that you have created
  2. Recrete it again. Do not check the box for enabling ‘shared state’. Publishing order can be of your choice.
  3. You should have two or more JMS Triggers subscribing to this TOPIC with ‘No durable subscriber set’.

In MWS Document Types page, you should be able to see all the trigger clients that are connected to this TOPIC. If it shows only one, which means there are no more than one trigger connected to this JMS Topic.


Hi Senthil,

The issue is because of the durable subscriptions I had. Earlier I have used same durable subscriber name in both the triggers which is causing the problem so I have renamed them with a different one. Now It is working fine.

Thanks once again.

Glad it worked!