Problem with modeler Terminate Step


In my process model I use the Terminate step.

After Creating the process model and generate Business Process for the first time, all the flowservices (corresponding to the process model steps) are created under the logical server
(Package->projFolder->processModel->logicalServer-> , as expected).

Later on when I modify the process model and Generate the Business Process again, then the Terminate flow service is created in different location (Package->Folder(with Package name)->logicalServer).
The old Terminate flow service, which is generated under the correct package is still present.
The remaining flow services are generated properly.

The processModel works fine even after reGeneration of the Business Process (execpt the misplaced terminate step is executed rather than the original correct terminate step).

Does any know as how to restrain the modeler to generate the terminate flow service at the specified location?


Hi pryWM,

For the terminate step in the modeler step properties, I think you could place the terminate step in the desired location as traversing to the respective project folder.

Hope this works.


HI Jeevan,

I did not get the point you are saying.

Due you mean to say that I need to manually copy the terminate flow service to the correct location?

In the modeler there is no restriction specified for the aTerminate step to restrain it to the desired location ( I think it takes the location specified for the process model ).


Hi pryWM,

In the process model, each and every step has some step properties which could be viewed by selecting the step and right clicking it and seleting its properties.

Similarly for the terminate step we have step properties where one such property is where the desired location where the step could be saved in the developer, say in u’r:


Hi Jeevan,

I Do agree that every step has properties, one such property is where to generate the flow service.

But for Terminate step you dont have this option.

If you refer to pg 98 of webMethods modeler user’s guide, you will find that Terminate step has only the following properties

Step Type
Unique ID

Runtime Properties
Logical Server
Join Type

Unlike the other step this does not have the Folder property (where you mention the location of the generated flow service) under the Runtime Properties.


Hi pryWM

Thanks for your input