Problem with JDBC pool

Hi all,

      I have created one JDBC pool with SQLServer 2000, and i am using that pool to start TN. When i am testing that JDBC pool with Trading Networks. It is giving the following error.

Test of TN Failed.
[wm-cjdbc32-0014][SQLServer JDBC Driver] Error establishing socket no further information.

and i am using the follwing properties to configure JDBC Pool

Alias Name : first
Alias Description : firstpool
Associated Driver Alias: DataDirect Connect JDBC SQL Server Driver.

Database URL:jdbc:sqlserver://localhost:1433;DatabaseName=master;selectMethod=cursor
User Id : sa
Password : ******
MinimumConnections : 1
Maximum Connections : 10
Idle Timeout : 10000 milliseconds

Thanks in advance


If you are using the DataDirect Connect JDBC SQL Server Driver, try the following Database URL :

Jacques Fourie.

Hi Rajesh,

deriving from your drivers version ([wm-cjdbc32-0014]) you are using a old version before wm 6.1, right?

You should try to upgrade to wm6.1+, which will provide you with a newer version of the driver. Or you can try to request a new driver version from wm technical support via a SR.

wM platform 6.1+ currently starts with 3.3 0009 (before SP2) or 3.3 0069 (since SP2).

wM Fabric 6.5 currently starts with 3.4 0052.

BTW: Jaques is right as from wM platform 6.1 on the DataDirect Drivers from wM only accept the new format with the “wm” in the middle.
wM platform 6.0.1 allows both versions, but only the old one is documented in the Admin Guides.

Are there any further informations in the server.log, error.log or the log of the SQLServer?