problem with insert notication using oracle adapter

I’m using an insert notification with an oracle adapter in order to publish a canonical with data coming from a table.
To test it, i make an insert with SQL*PLUS in the table. After doing so, i notice in the Document Tracker that the document keeps being published, although there is just one INSERT, and the consequence is that the memory used by the oracle bean_adapter keeps growing (it easyly grows from 300 to 400megs, at which point i have to stop everything before my comp crashes…)

Any idea on how to resolve this problem would be very much appreciated.

You might want to run the adapter in debug mode, to see what it is doing. Maybe it gets some error when it tries to delete the notification data from the buffer table. That happens after it publishes, and if that fails for some reason, the adapter will re-process the record at the next notification interval.

Also, check the number of records in the buffer table. It is always good to set the maximum number of records to process in the notification operation to something like 100.

Thanks for your answer.

The solution to this notification problem is to use a ‘create output’ instead of a ‘publish document’, because the ‘create output’ makes a commit in the DB, whereas the ‘publish document’ doesn’t, which, makes the component loop. I guess this problem has been solved with recent patches or releases…

Matthew J. Oliver