Problem with IDataCursor on JServ (destroy method not found)

I am trying to send an XML document over HTTP from a custom class within my application. I generated the client code from within Developer and it works fine as a stand alone client. However, when I integrate it with my web application I get the following error:

I have client.jar on my classpath.

Thanks for any help.

What version of Integration Server are you running?

Is it possible that the client.jar being found on the client is not the one that shipped with that version of IS?

Can you look inside the client.jar that the client is using (say with WinZip or unzip -v) to see if the class is in there?

Are there any patches running on IS? I don’t know of any updates to BasicData in any fixes, but it is possible that a certain fix needs to be used on the client as well as the server.

Does the generated code use IDataHashCursor? If so, you can probably change to using the regular IDataCursor because all the methods of HashCursor where moved to the regular cursor to make the API simpiler.