problem with i:node

I have a Problem with ino the i’m trying to test the x-application i created a schema and i have three elements two are String and one is number with max two digits
the problem is that when i save a new record with two digits the it’s saved more than one time, with different ID’s and when i delete one of them all of them are deleted, :confused:

and the other big problrm is that the old cretiria in the XML files hane NO ID so i can’t modify them by x-application :mad: :mad:

please help

Could you give some more info. ?

How do you create application by your self or by generator. So if do you think you have some problem with shame try it on browser by ?xql or process commands. Store documents and query them.

If you send tsd of your schema and xml sample data i can check for hane (section) No id update problem.

Please check your application.



Problem with ino?

I assume that you have a list page (List.jsp) where you display the results of your search. The element which is defined for selecting a single document from the browse list is empty. Therefore, you have no possibility to link to it.

If this describes your problem you can modify your list.jsp page to avoid this situation:

The list.jsp page contains a browse tag. This tag iterates the documents matching your query. Within the browse tag the rows of HTML table are created. Extend this table by adding a new column

<BR><table><BR>  <tr><BR>     <td>Pos</td><BR>    ...<BR>  </tr><BR>  <bdm:browse ...><BR>  <tr><BR>    <td><bdm:action type="read"><BR>               <a href="???"> <xapp:display select="$POS"/></a><BR>            </bdm:action><BR>    </td><BR>    ...<BR>  </tr><BR>  </bdm:browse><BR>  ...<BR></table><BR>

Replace the ??? within the link by the name of display page for a single document (when generated by the generator this page is called Display.jsp).

The link to the document is related to the position ($POS) within the browse list. You could also use $ID which refers to the ino:id of a document. This is a technical document attribute of Tamino to identify a document as long as it exists.

Have also a look at the property example (http://localhost:8080/property for invocation and %XAPPLICATION_HOME%\examples\jsp\property for file access to the JSPs). It contains a page list.jsp which uses the $POS to link to a single document.

I hope, this helps you to solve your problem.