Problem with Date Input

Hi people,
I will explain my problem: I have a Date Input that is bind to a variable, and when I get this value, this shows a day before. For example: I choose in the calendar “08/04/2011”, and when I print the variable it shows: “Wed Aug 03 21:00:00 GMT-03:00 2011”.
I think I have a problem with the TimeZone, but I don’t know how to configure it.
Does anyone know how to solve it?
Thanks in advance,

You probably want to set the timezone property of the DateInput control to ‘user’.

The documented behavior is:

For the DateInput control, when Timezone=Default and showTimezone=true then returned timezone should be User’s timezone.

When TimeZone=Default and showTimezone=false then the timezone should be UTC.

If TimeZone=User then the TimeZone should be User’s TimeZone in all cases.