problem with convertToValues

I have problem with convertToValues.

I have 3 services - s1,s2,s3.

In s1, the procedure is:

->s1, recieved the ffdata(Object) as input of the file being polled (using file polling).
->ffdata is mapped to stream in pub.client:http.I have set the properties(url( http://loaclhost:5555/invoke/s2 ), method(post),loadas(stream) ,user(somexxx),password(someyyy) )

In s2,
ffdata(Object)is recieved as input by.
invoke s3( s3 has input variable ffdata(Object))[map ffdata to ffdata]

In s3,
ffdata is received,
i used streamToBytes
[mapped ffData to stream],
and used convertToValues
[mapped string to ffData]

when i checked till convertToValues, the flow is working(displaying message1), but somehow from convertToValues it is not working[not displaying message2)

i think i made some mistake, can ffData be passed to s3

Can anyone solve this,
this is very urget

Hi Chowdari,
Did you supply the schemaName to the ffSchema input of the convertToValues service?

BTW: You can directly supply the inputStream to the convertToValues service. No need to convert it to String.