Problem with ATCWorkunit

Hi ,

I am using ActiveWorks Version 4.1 on a Windows 2000 machine. I have a
situation where whenever a particular event is published
a workunit must be executed , so I have done the following

  1. Made sure that the ClientGroup of the ATC adapter subscribes to the
  2. Using the Plug-ins in the event type editor I have specified the
    Workunit class that needs to be executed.

However when i publish the event from the event tracker and monitor the
ATC adapter by running it in debug mode nothing happens!! is there
anything else that i need to do?? please suggest


Are you really sure about the subscriptions being in place and saved before testing the integration?

This sort of problem relates to either 1) a client group not having publish capabilities, or 2) a client group not having a registered subscription – if it is described properly. Or, maybe the ATC plug-in is red-balled (unavailable)?

Let me know what sort of progress you’ve made, Prabhu, when you get a chance.


How do I edit an ATC Plugin in EI4.6? It says plugin not registered. Do I need to do anything specific?