Problem with a scheduled service


I have service scheduled(complex) to run every 10 min.But it ran in the time interval of 1 sec (happened only once)I know the service ran twice for sure as the service creates a time stamp and inserts the creadted time into the JDE file).

As the environment is a clustered one ,my first doubt was if the schduled service was not clustered but it is clustered (parameter is marked).

Any iDeas why the service ran twice?


Hi Ram,

I have seen this behavoir. This happens once in a while, and webmethods is not able to fix this (unfortunaletly). There is a jvm setting that you have to do. Sorry i forgot the details, but it is someting with the JVM time-operation system time synchronisation. Maybe somebody else knows more about this setting? Otherwise ask support. With this settings this strange behavoir occurs less, but doen’t entirely solve your issue.


Thanks for the respose Rob.

This happened again on sunday but this time for couple of scheduled services.

service 1:scheduled to run every 5 min of the hour.(5,15,25,35,45,55)

service 2:scheduled to run every 7 min of the hour(7,17,27,37,47,57)

Also both the services ran at the same time (27 th min i guess for some reason the service 1 got dealyed for 2 min)and ran twice (This has to with server i believe and these services are running fine for the last 8 months but behaving strangely on the clustered environment)

Also in out code , the scheduled services(service 1 and service 2) creates a one time scheduled task(service 3) with different inputs(this shouldnt be a problem i believe).