Problem with a connection to Oracle 7.3.4 with JDBC Adapter

We are using JDBC Adapter 6.0.2 to connect with Oracle 7.3.4.
We facing a problem with JDBC Adapter connection, the adapter connection does not get enabled by itself whenever the ORACLE DB goes down for back up(or other reason) for a while and comes back.

The adapter status shows as “DISABLED” even when the DB comes back up, at this stage even when we try to enable the connection it will not get enabled.

We have to manually reload the adapter connection pkg to get the connection with the DB.

We know that the JDBC Adapter 6.0.2 doesn’t support Oracle 7.3.4. But we have to continue with this Oracle 7.3.4 for sometime till we get an upgraded version or Oracle.

Please let me know know if any of you have a solution to this problem.

Thanks & regards,
Krishnarao Muvva.

hi did you get the problem resolved, if yes how as i am also facing the same problem