Problem While Publishing

I am trying to publish a document to broker, but if i make my document publishable, I am getting one message like can only publish locally, And if i run the publish document, the option to choose publish to broker is disabled, Can any one help me to publish document to Broker,
Thanks in Advance


I think broker is not configured to IS. That is the reason why it is allowing document publish to default broker (publish locally).

So please check whether broker is configured to IS.
Please let me know if you have any questions.


Hi Radhika
Thanks for you reply…Default broker is running in my machine.


The documents are published locally when IS fails to find/connect to the broker. Your default broker might be running but is it configured and is IS connected to it? To verify this, use the IS Console link Broker in Settings menu to see if the Connected attribute says Yes. If it is set to No, then you will need to use the Edit Broker Settings to configure it.

HTH, Rohit

Hi Rohit
That’s what i wanted…I configured broker and i am able to publish document to the broker from my developer…
Thanks and Regards

Hi Guys,

So I’ve just had to reinstall the webMethods suite, and I’m having the same issue. The document shows only “Publishable Locally Only”, and I checked the Broker Settings in IS, and it shows Connected Yes.

What else could I be missing?

Synchronize the document types.

That did it, thanks for the help!