Problem while Invoking webservice from Eclipse

I have written a sample flow service in wM to concatenate two strings. This service takes in two strings as input and outputs a string. I have generated wsdl for this service and i have set SOAP-RPC as protocol. I have imported this wsdl in Eclipse project. When i tried to generate client to invoke the flow service, i get the following exception:

exception: [ISS.0088.9134] Exception occurred while processing the body of the message

I have started my tomcat 5.0.28 server in eclipse and also the local Integaration server is running

My name space is http://localhost

What should i do now.


Can you post more details of the error you are getting? Maybe the authentication properties are not going with your call from Eclipse…

somehow i am able to get response and i am not able to reproduce the error. Authentication is the sense you mean in Integration server side?

for all the ACLs we have in IS… i included “everybody”. i know this is crazy. but i just tried it out. Is this wat you meant.

Also i specified the target name space and local name space and tried.

I did something trial and error it worked out!

I guess your problem is solved then! :p: