Problem While generating CONTRL MSG


I need to generate a CONTRL MSG when i receive ORDERS msg in my TN.Already the TPA parameters like autoGenerateFA : On and FAReconciliation to TRUE.But still the it’s not generating FA and unable to find it in the transaction analysis.

       And it's showing the orders msg in transaction analysis and in attributes tab the field EDI Acknowledgement is set to DISABLE.

Could anybody please look into this…


I see that you’ve posted 2 messages - one with autoGenerateFA set to true and one with it set to false.

If you’ve got it set to true then you should be getting FA’s created.

To validate:

  1. Are you using the default TPA or a specific TPA? The default TPA has sender/receiver called Unknown and the agreement id of EDITPA. A specific TPA will have both the sender & receiver set to a valid trading partner and the agreement id of EDITPA. If you have a different agreement ID then the TPA will not be picked up. Also, make sure your TPA is enabled.

  2. Make sure autoGenerateFA is set to true.

  3. Submit a test document. Make sure it’s set up to hit the TPA you configured above.

  4. Now search for the FA:
    a. In Transaction Analyasis select Show/Hide Query (to show the query)
    b. Go to the custom critera tab
    c. Select Attribute: “EDI Outbound FA” operator : “Equals” Value = “True”
    d. Run the query. Any resulting documents are auto generated FAs!