problem when use webMethods Adapter Tool kit Version 6.5

Hello, Folks,

did anyone get the similar problem as me? details see below:
I’m trying to use the “webMethods Adapter Tool kit Version 6.5” to create my own adapter service to communicate with our internal biz system. befor that I have tryed the WmSampleAdapter, it works fine.
below are my env and developments:
1)OS: Windows XP Professional
2)IS: 7.1.2
3)eClipse 3.5
4)delevopment process:
a)follow the user guide, created the IS package: EHIPAdapter
b)created eClipse project that point to the right dir on IS
c)copied the WmSampleAdapter source code, and only renamed the class to my own and changed some of the ADAPTER_MAJOR_CODE and ADAPTER_NAME etc. and compiled without problem.
d)generated the startup/shutdown service as exactly same as what in WmSampleAdapter.
e)the problem come up during the “reload” EHIPAdapter package, I got the following log:
2010-08-23 10:44:43 EDT [ISS.0028.0012I] EHIPAdapter: Startup service (com.telus.ehealth.adapter.ehipAdapter.admin.AdapterAdministrator:startUp)
2010-08-23 10:44:43 EDT [ART.0114.1100I] Adapter Runtime: Facility 9502 - EHIPAdapter registered with bundle com.telus.ehealth.adapter.ehipAdapter.EHIPAdapterResourceBundle.
2010-08-23 10:44:43 EDT [ART.0114.1007E] Adapter Runtime: Error Logged. See Error log for details. Error: [ART.114.12] Adapter Runtime: Error occurred while Adapter Runtime was loading an adapter type. Unexpected adapter type object “com.telus.ehealth.adapter.ehipAdapter.EHIPAdapter” for input “adapter”.

so what’s the problem for “[ART.114.12]”?

thanks in advance.