Problem when I am trying to use IData array in adapter

I have a problem with a stored procedure that returns an array. When I try to use IData Array in my local environment, the IData_Array doesn’t appear on my localhost. However, in the development environment, the Idata appears and works fine.

Could you please advise me on this issue?"

Check your service outputs and make sure it is an array. If it doesn’t help, please provide some screenshots of your service outputs, caller services and pipeline data for us to understand the problem better.


the output it’s not array i think it’s a object this is the pictures that clarify the problem .

Hi Mohammad,

if you know the structure of the TradeList create a doc type for it and add a ReferenceList to this doc type in the out pipeline of the StoredProcedure invocation step. The map the Object type out to this list entry in the out pipeline.


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The issue you are facing could be related to differences in configurations or environments between your local setup and the development environment. Here are some steps you can take to troubleshoot the problem:

  1. Check Database Version: Ensure that your local database version is compatible with the stored procedure and supports the data type used for the array (e.g., IData_Array). If there are differences in the database versions, it might cause the IData_Array to not appear or work correctly.

  2. Check Connection String: Verify the connection string used in your local environment. Ensure that it is pointing to the correct database and server with the required permissions to execute the stored procedure.

  3. Update Dependencies: Make sure that you have all the necessary dependencies and drivers installed for your local setup to handle the IData_Array type. Check if any specific extensions or libraries are required and update them accordingly.

  4. Debugging: Use logging or debugging techniques to trace the flow of your application and see if any errors or exceptions are being thrown related to IData_Array. This will help identify any issues in your code.

  5. Environment Variables: Check if there are any environment variables or settings that differ between your local and development environments. These settings might affect the behavior of IData_Array.

  6. Permissions: Ensure that the user account or credentials used in your local environment have sufficient privileges to access and execute the stored procedure.

  7. Code Review: Compare the code in your local environment with the one in the development environment. Look for any differences or missing references that could be causing IData_Array not to appear.

By following these steps, you should be able to identify the cause of the issue and resolve it to make IData_Array work in your local environment as well. If you still face difficulties, consider seeking help from your development team or database administrator to get further assistance.

Did you try setting your output to array?

This should also work especially if the element of this array is not a simple type but a struct/collection. If that’s the case then this is your only option.

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