Problem when creating any Siebel Service

I have configured Siebel Adpater 6.0 in IS server 6.1 which is running in Sun OS.
I have created a Siebel Adpater connection which is also listerning. Now from developer iam creating a any of the Siebel service like query or insert or delete etc, iam getting the following error.

Any one faced this issue. Please help.

com.webmethods.developer.adapter.metadata.AdapterMetadataException: [ART.114.205] Adapter Runtime (Metadata): Unable to lookup the resource domain values.
[ADA.448.1000] SiebelJavaOperations.performQuery() - threw a SiebelException: code(27806), msg(No records exist for the current query.(SBL-DAT-00468))
on navigationPathTab.businessObject [Ljava.lang.String;@1f69937
java.lang.Exception: Adapter values are not available.

The heart of the issue is contained within the error message, “Unable to lookup the resource domain values”. There is something wrong with your configurations setting. Instead of connecting to a siebel system name, try using the IP address.

In your use of Siebel adapter, did you ever use the EAI webMethods Transports to invoke an IS Flow? If so, what is the syntax for sending the “inputData”? Are multiple input variables send in the same property set or multiple property sets?