Problem when calling http flow. Invoke directory ?

Hello to all I’m a real newby in wm. I’ve written some flows taking information in sql databases and with the dsp pages it works properly. But if i copy the dsp as recommended (suppressing the invokes) to a new template for the service, I cannot call it from a simple http form calling the service.
I’ve followed the instructions for the call of template but it doesn’t work. In some cases that I saw there is an invoke directory that is not present in my package directory. Does it come from there ? Is there any additional service to call ?
Thanks in advance for your precious help,


What URL are you using to attempt to invoke your service? The format is


The “invoke” portion of the URL is the “directive” that IS uses to route the HTTP request to the correct service.


The problem was indeed in the url . I had put a path with invoke/directory/service instead of the invoke/
Thank you very much for your help Mark :slight_smile: .


Hehe, thanks for the edit, Rob!