Problem using SQLServer 2000 with Microsoft JDBC Driver


I am trying to use Microsoft JDBC driver SP2 for SQL Server 2000 for defining connection pools for TN, IS Core Audit etc. I am able to make connection using the SQL Server 2000 but can not do any thing I am getting error

java.sql.SQLException:[Microsoft] [SQL Server 2000 Driver for JDBC] Can’t start manual transaction mode because there are cloned connections

My Environment is
WM 6.1
SQL Server : Developer Edition SQL Server 2000

Does any body has any idea what this is? I try to serach for error but I could find other way around

Can’t start a cloned connection while in manual transaction mode.

But never found above error mentioned any where.

I have some questions though

  1. Is it possible to use Microsoft SQL Server 200 Driver for JDBC with webMethods? ( I am using with 6.0.1 and that works fine)

  2. If yes, What am I doing wrong?

  3. Can we use MySQL database for configuration with WM6.1?

Any help will be greatly appreciated. I have installed and configured almost all the versions weBmethods came out with but I just cant figure this out?

Thanks and regards
Khushhal Mahajan

Pls use SelectMethod=cursor in DB URL