Problem using pub.jms:send for queue on broker JMS 7.1


I try to use API pub.jms:send to send a message to jms queue that exists on a broker JMS
I create provider, connection factory and queue (TESTQUEUE) with my webmethods server.
I create a document type JMS::Queues::TESTQUEUE and associate it with client group which is linked to connection factory I create
Then I create a Jndi JNDI Provider Alias Definitions. when i test a lookup it sees tthe connextion factory and the queue
TESTFACTORY: com.webmethods.jms.impl.WmQueueConnectionFactoryImpl
TESTQUEUE: com.webmethods.jms.impl.WmQueueImpl
But when i try to send in the IS using pub.jms:send, i have the error [ISS.0134.9009] Unable to send message to JMS provider “BKNATIF”: javax.jms.InvalidDestinationException: [BRM.10.2201] JMS: Queue “TESTQUEUE” does not exist.
Did i follow the correct method to create queue in a broker JMS and send it a message via API pub.jms.send ?
Thanks for help,


In fact I need to create a client
Messaging - Broker Server - Clients - Add Queue
I precise the provider name, the Queue Lookup Name and the Connection Factory Lookup Name

This works fine.