Problem upgrading Broker 6.1 to 6.5

Trying to upgrade our current broker 6.1 to 6.5 SP2 FIX2

I am installing over the top of the existing broker.

I stop all brokers and Integration Servers.

The install directory is /u02/apps/webmeth6

I do not create a new Broker Server.

None of the Broker Servers act as a gateway.

Once the install is finished I try to start the brokers and we recieve the following messages:

“Broker Server Monitor starting Broker Server executable /u02/apps/webmeth6/Broker/bin/awbroker in directory /u02/apps/webmeth6/awbrokers60/distrnd4”

“Unexectped stop of Broker Server in Directory /u02/apps/webmeth6/awbrokres60/distrnd4 pid 6764 - Signal 4 (core dumped).”

Here are the options we are picking during the install which is from an image created April 13th.

Broker and JMS 6.5
Program Files
Service Pack 1
Broker Client Java API
Program Files
Service Pack 2
Broker Client Java API
Program Files
Broker Client Java API
Command Line Tools
JMS Client API

During the install the awbrokermon and broker server 6.5 replaces the existing 6.1 awbrokermon and broker server. I am using this awbrokermon in the script to start the brokers.

What am I missing?


Hi Kelly,
You posted the error as:

“Broker Server Monitor starting Broker Server executable /u02/apps/webmeth6/Broker/bin/awbroker in directory /u02/apps/webmeth6/awbrokers60/distrnd4”

This means that it is trying to start the Broker in /u02/apps/webmeth6/awbrokers60 which is a parallel directory to /u02/apps/webmeth6/Broker and it is not recommended.

The broker should be started in the sub-directory under /u02/apps/webmeth6/Broker… something like to /u02/apps/webmeth6/Broker/data/awbrokers65/distrnd4

Looks like when you installed Broker 6.5 over 6.1, some of the parameters in the script got overwritten.

Did you have backup of those files? Otherwise, use the Broker Documentation follow the instruction after install to configure the broker again keeping in mind the recommendation above of not using the parallel directory.


Thanks for your quick response.

The issue is that the existing 6.1 environment is setup with this directory structure where the broker data files are located in /u02/apps/webmeth6/awbrokers60/distrnd4 (distrnd4 is a directory for a specific broker) and the program files are in the /u02/apps/webmeth6/Broker/bin directory.

Even though this may not be recommended, we have never had a problem before we tried to upgrade. Also, the error message I sent is just a representative of one of the Broker Servers and Brokers. We have 12 and they all received the same error each in there own directory under the awbrokers60 directory.

Is there anything else that may cause this problem?


Hi Kelly,
In that case you can keep the existing directory structure.

You posted error as: “Unexectped stop of Broker Server in Directory /u02/apps/webmeth6/awbrokres60/distrnd4 pid 6764 - Signal 4 (core dumped).”

Do you see a core dump file in that directory? Send that file to webM support for core dump analysis.

  • Bhawesh.

I will send this to the webM support.

Thanks for your help.


There is Broker Fix to be applied after you upgrade. The Fix allows Broker 6.5 to use Broker 6.1 Combined storage files.
Look for: webMethods Broker Server 6.5 SP2 Fix 1