Problem to call a Web Service with WS-security

Hi,I try to call a Web Service Provided that uses WS-Security.
I created a “Web Service Consumer Alias” and set the WS-security parameters:
User Name, Password, Timestamp Time to Live (seconds): 900, Timestamp Maximum Skew (seconds): 900
In the input of Web-Sevice we pass a file into a field in base64 format (base64Binary). The file is very big. Above 16 MB.
For big file after 5 minuts about I have this error: “The input stream for an incoming message is null”
I tried to send the same message with the big file using Soap-UI and we send the message in few seconds without problem.
I think that the problem is the message elaboration very slow using WS-Security.
Any idea about the problem?

since you are using WS-security, the message need to be signed and encrypted. It may require large amount of free memory, it may run out of memory (so the error of null message, I guess). test with smaller payload, then gradually increase the size, you may find what’s exactly wrong.