Problem starting server

When i try to start the server this is happenning and its getting out of console…
could any one help me with this…

com.wm.proxy.ProxyException: failed to invoke proxy method

at com.wm.proxy.Proxy.invokeStaticMethod(

Please search the forums for "failed to invoke proxy method"

Hi Rob

this is my classpath

ENV_CLASSPATH_SWITCH = “-ecp”,and i reviewed the forums i don’t have


SET USE_ENV_CLASSPATH=false do i need to add it adn restart the server.


Based on the descriptions in the other threads, I’d say yes, give it a shot.

Hi arrkian,

This problem is that in the \IntegrationServer\bin folder from where you launch the server.bat has another file called ini.cnf which is having bad references to jars. This normally happens when you take an installed copy (folder containing webMethods) which was initially places in one location say E:\webmethods712 and move it to another folder say D:\webMethods712.

The issue here is that both server.bat and ini.cnf will have references to jars which will have paths resembling to E:…jar. To fix this issue all you need to do is

  1. Open Server.bat update the new path as E:\ whereever it was D:\ initially.
  2. Open ini.cnf again replace all the paths where it was initially e:\ to D:\

and viola IS will be back online.

Hope this helps.

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