Problem running IS

I have installed IS on my machine, but when i try to run the server.bat file i get a message saying ‘access denied’ afer about 2 seconds, some exception is shown and the window closes very immediately. I have not done any configurations after installation and tried running the server directly. My Is version is 6.1
I cannot see the files also in \bin directory…is there a problem with the installation? I have installed using an image file but once during installation it had asked for a license key. I proceeded without giving the key and the installation was successful…


On which OS is the IS installed. IF it is windows you will not see files.

I am using windows XP. I have attached a screenshot of the error message.


Does your windows user have rigths to write in log folder?

Also, can you try to run IS server with a higher debug level? It will give us some more information.

Just run this command:
server.bat -debug 10 -log none


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