Problem Running a business process after generating from WmModeler


Am having a problem running a simple business process.

I have modeled a business process with three steps in the modeler.

  1. Web service Receive.
  2. Web service Invoke.
  3. Web service Reply.
  • I have configured the above steps with appropriate WSDL’s, IS document types for inputs and outputs.
  • Business process modeled is valid (Verified through WmModeler validation tool)
  • Generated the Business Process on to the Integration Server.

After doing all the above said things, i am not able to figure out how to run the above process. I tried the following things but not getting the workable solution.

  • Selected the flow service generated for Web service receive step and when i try to run giving the appropriate parameters, it fails at the flow step pub.publish:PublishAndWait flow service. Says “Service Error :Web Service Failed”

Am not able to figure out what is the problem, can some one please help me how to fix this. Or any sample process which runs from end to end will be a great help.

Thanks & Regards,
Srivatsa Katta

I am not clear with your requirement. Your process model is invoking a webservice (meaning answering to a webservice request) or is it making a webservice request?

Please post more details abt the requirement for me to help you