Problem on XMLAdapter when parsing

We are experiencing some problems with our XML Intelligent adapter. The problem happens randomly, and there’s no way to predict its behavior. The fact is that, with no visible or apparent reason at all, XML parser somehow it starts to fail and generates “catch error” message to the broker, and parsing does not work any longer. Have any of you experienced this problem or some similar one??. The only way to solve this is to restart XML intelligent adapter, as long as this is a productive platform; an because of the random activity of this phenomena, there is no way to tell when parser starts failing. We decided to restart it after some fixed
duration of time, but this is not a proper solution for this problem. Can someone help us with this issue? Indeed we will be very thankful
and we are open to hear any suggestion.
Adapter’s version is 4.0 091400

We ran into issues with the adapter too, although we were using v4.2 of the (Enterprise Server/Broker) XML adapter.

If for some reason you can’t use the Integration Server’s XML handling capabilities you can always try upgrading to v 4.2 of the (broker) adapter from webMethods. I’m not sure if this will solve your problems but I can guarantee that this is what webMethods support will recommend.
You can also find information on problems/fixes for all webMethods adapters at the Advantage web site (

By the way, I don’t even see v 4.0 of the XML Intelligent adapter listed at Advantage.