Problem in wmEDI (convertToValues)

Hi to all,
we have a problem with wmEDI 4.6 package patched with all patch set since to
We are working with BC 4.7 Build Number 999, JVM 1.4.2.

We have process in input a flat file using a XML template for describe the
structure. The relevant section for XML template is following

01 10 10

We are running the sample flow parseFlatFile in the pack wmEDIsamples folder Tutorial/flatFile.
If in the input flat file exist two instances of record type “10”, the flow
generates correctly a record list for the SEGMENT ID=“10”.
If in the input flat exists only one instance of record type “10”, the flow
genetates wrongly a single record of the SEGMENT ID=“10” and not a record
list even if the attribute ARRAY=“yes” is specified.

Following you are the two input flat files.

correct case :

wrong case :

I saw that the problem is know. Some one has a solution?

Thanks too all and ciao.
Nicola & Grazia

Just add a comma right after 10

01 10, <-- like this

Array=“yes” will only work on the top level like “01” you have.



Great! Suli, a simple comma made the magic.
What is the trick?