Problem in starting Workflow Client

When I am trying to connect through Workflow client, a small window pops up with the buttons ‘Action’ ,
‘Hostname’, ‘Options’ and ‘Help’ and the message displayed is " Server may not be active.Waiting to refresh ReleaseNotes.html from".
The workflow server is started through
Administrative tools->services as explained in the webmethods users guide.
Has anybody faced this problem ? If so, please help me out.

Thanks and Regards,

First thing I’d check are the ports you are using to connect to the Workflow server. It’s possible you are not using the right ports. I think the ports default to 5000 and 5001.


You should use hostnames instead of IP addresses. Also, verify that you don’t have a firewal between the client and server.

Actually, ip address works just as well as host name. However, if you’re running DHCP bear in mind that your IP may change. If the client and server are on the same machine, “localhost” is always a good choice.

As Troy suggested, click Hostname and verify the correct ports. 5000 and 5001 are the defaults. However, if port 5000 was in use during the Workflow Server install, the server will default to 6000 & 6001 (or 7000 & 7001 if 6000 was in use as well). This is a common issue on XP.

To verify the current ports, you can run the Workflow Configurator (Start > Programs > webMethods > Tools > Workflow Configurator).

Good luck!