Problem in pubsub model using Broker


i’m doing pub-sub model using Broker.
Machine-A(mine):i’m publishing my doc my IS which is configured to my broker.
Machine-B(remote machine):Here i subscribed to that publishable doc.Here i’m inserting that data into d/b. And this IS is configured to the broker which is on Machine-A.

My Question is i’m publishing.But insertion is not happening.
i don’t know whether it is working or not.(Earlier, it was working local publishing)
How can i trace this event?Is there any diagramatic representation to see entire activity.?

Thanks in advance.

Have you synched the document on Machine B.You can do it by creating a publishable document type from Broker.The documents on Both IS should be the same publishable document types refereing to the document type on Broker.Also check if the Trigger on Machine B is receiving the Document.You can check it in BrokerAdmin screen if the trigger Queue is increasing or not.


Puneet Verma

Verify the following points before publish the document
1.Both Integations servers configured to same broker
2.Documents in both servers are sync.
3. Use document tracker tool to verify the server A is publishing the document.


Hi Ganesh - In WmBrokerAdmin, you can turn document logging on for that particular document and use WmMonitor to see that the document got published to the Broker.

Hi Ganesh,

    Please check the field length Specified in the database and the DATE Format. These two values should be same. Even I had the same problem I traced the service to find out the problem at that time it was a problem with the Date format. That I have changed and worked fine. 

    I prefer you people to use saveTOPipeline and restorefrompripline service to trace the document. 

Mohd Muneeruddin.