Problem In publishing to broker

Dear ALL,
i am using webMethods 6.1,
i have a Document 1 (D1) , the arival of that Document triggers the Flow Service FS1, the FS1 publishes a Document 2(D2) , and the arrival of the D2 triggers another Flow Serice (FS2).
this is the senario.
when i test the Flow Serice 1, the publising of the document D2 and the triggering of the Flow Servie 2 happen correctly, but when test the whole flow by publishing the Document 1, the Flow Serice 1 is triggers bout the publishing of the document D2 does not happens hence forth the Flow Service 2 is not triggered,
what may be the cause?
is there any setting has to be made for this?

thankx in advace,
Kulandai George.

Hello George,

Are you using the document D1 to publish the document D2 ?
If the answer is yes, it might be because the name of the document D1 in the pipeline when S1 is triggered automatically is not the same as the name you declared as input of service S1.
If you want to be sure, perform a save pipeline as a first step in S1, trigger S1 by publishing a D1 document and look at what you have when restoring the pipeline.
Be sure the names do match.

Best regards,