problem in mywebmethods for monitoring


I am using webMethods 6.5 and mywebmethods 6.5 I have install the mywebethods 6.5 succesfully. I want to monitor the things in mywebmethods 6.5. I have configure the WmComauth package in integration server also.

but when i go to mywebmethods admin page. in business monitoring link i am getting error like.

Remote Exception caught: com.webMethods.caf.wsclient.WSClientException: Failed to bind to endPoint: http://:/services/rule.wsdl and interface: interface com.webMethods.bpo.service.rules.IRuleService: could not bind to path: http://:/services/rule.wsdl

I want to know wheater for monitoring i have do any configuration.

thanks in advance


This error comes because optimise is not installed.
I had the samequery and confirmed from webMethods support the it is going to be removed in next release


I am getting the same error. I did not install Optimize because the Installation Guide says:

“Important! The Servicenet controller and data handler are based on a version of Manager/Optimize. Do not install Manager or Optimize on the same machine as Servicenet; the products are incompatible.”

It sounds like a catch-22.

Wmcomauth is probably not well configured.
Check configuration and then reload Wmcomauth package and eventually WmMonitor package.

Where can I find more details on WmComAuth Pacakge configuration.

Download this document on Advantage web site :