Problem in multiple Locales for adapter

We are porting our Adapter code(developed using ADK v6.0.1) from en_US locale to French locale.

The adapter is unable to load as it is not able to find the Resource bundle for the French locale.
We have tried with creating a French locale resource bundle.
But still the problem persists.
Any other changes we need to do??

Hi Abhinav Sinha,

Porting an ADK 6.x adapter to the French locale shouldn’t require any modification of the code on your part (unless you intend to localize–that is translate into French–the messages in the adapter). If you previously create an en_US resource bundle, you should be sure that you have created a base bundle (no language extension). In addition, you should ensure that your code doesn’t depend on running in the US English locale.

It is hard to tell from your message what the source of your problem is. If you’re stuck, feel free to write to me on and we can troubleshoot your problems from there.


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