Problem in Monitor/Portal 6.5.1 . None of the Search pages show up

We have setup WM Portal 6.5.1 on our dev box.

The problem we have is that none of the search pages show up when we log in as the Administrator.

For instance, when I navigate to my webMethods Configuration => Process Configuration => Business Processes, I do not get the Search form displayed. Instead, I see only the “powered by webMethods” footer.

I do not see any errors in the Portal logs or in the IS logs

Has any encountered something like this?

Are we talking about the new my webMethods Server or the actual full blown portal?

Its the mywebMethods server, version 6.5.1

We have gone through and checked off all the items in the webMethods installation guide. I have checked that all the DB permissions are correct.

We are able to generate the process models and update them for monitoring.

However, when I login with the “Administrator” userid, I cannot see the search panels associated with anything other than User Administration.

I am totally stuck because I cannot even make the system settings. What makes troubleshooting this tough is that there are no errors in the IS or portal logs

Sounds like the install might be corrupt. So when you first login as Administrator, you should see six tabs in the left hand panel: Business Monitoring, System Monitoring, Integration Monitoring, User Administration, Data Management, webMethods Configuration.

If you don’t see them then something may not have gone right with the install. If you can post the steps you followed to do the install, I might be able to help.


Installed the WMComAuth package and configured it (Added Adminsitrator to the MonitorAdmisnistartors Group and used the same in configuration)
Checked the permissions for the database user in whose schema portal would be installed
Configured the portal using the configurator tool
Logged into the portal

I see the following in the tabs:

Integration Monitoring
Web Services Management
Messaging Management
Messaging Management - Tree
Rule Administration

“Business Process Monitoring” is conspicuous by its absence. And as it has happened before, the Search Panels are not displayed on the web pages

The WmComauth package is really not needed for basic functionality. It is used to help in user creation on the portal side and have that user created on the IS side. It’s not real clear in the documentation.

You Portal setup looks a bit strange. I don’t see the tabs that should be there after a my webMethods Server setup… Did you install the my webMethods Piece in conjunction with the IS server using the Installer?

Are you logging in as Administrator or as PortalAdministrator? PortalAdministrator or PortalDeveloper should not be used. You should have a webMethods Configuration tab, that is where you point the my we bMethods Server to the IS server. If that is not there then you either logging in as the wrong user or the install is not correct.

Yes, its quite starnge that the Business Monitoring tab is not showing up and the Search Panels arent showing up either. All of webMethods documentation statrs from the point where the Search Panels show up, so it looks like its a taken that they are displayed.

Looks like I am the first person to have encountered this condition

Whats making troubleshooting this condition difficult is that, there are no errors, either in the IS logs or in the Portal logs

I had installed the IS+Broker+Monitor+Portal+my webMethods interface 3 days back. However, this morning I reinstalled Monitor (with WmComAuth configuration)+Portal+my webMethods interface from scratch

You mentioned portal in your install sequence. Are you installing the full blown Portal product or just my webMethods Server? The my webMethods Server piece is what is needed, it contains the limited version of the Portal designed to work with the Monitor product.

The menu picks you are describing sound more like the full blown Portal rather than the my webMethods Server.