Problem in logging time stamps


I m doing performance tuning activity on wm7.1.2 IS & Developer. My test servers are hosted on unix boxes (Australia) which are in cluster.
I wanted to know how much time webmethods is taking to process the request at the time of performing loadtest from Loadrunner 11 tool.

To do so, I have injected start and end timers and logs on my code. After performed loadtest (100 iterations), I could see in logs for many services ‘start time’ is less than ‘end time’.

i.e., EAI StartTime : 2012-08-02T08:04:522
EAI EndTime : 2012-08-02T08:04:322

I have used getCurrentDateString only… how come its possible?

The architecture of wM in our project is very simple. We have designed code with publish and wait model, and in sub service we ll call webservice connectors to talk to external systems.

Services which are tested is not using any pubsub model and connectors also. I disabled pubsub model and I disabled connectors also. Just it was dummy service, bt still i could see timing issues.

I checked in putty both servers times are in sync and in developer I called ‘getCurrentDateString’ to check the times. Everything is fine…

could somebody please help me how to solve this issue.

Your system might be running faster than the speed of light?

Maybe all you did is swapping the two time stamps?

What happens if do DebugLog to the server log?

Hint: write, or have someone write you, a Java service invoking System.nanoTime() to get hires time stamps. The clock resolution on PC like architectures is around 18 milli Seconds.




The issue might be because of the time stamp pattern you gave as input.Check the IS built in services guide for appropriate time format.

I tried using ths same service and every thing looks fine. yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss:SSS


Hi santhosh,

Thanks for reply. Even I have used the same format as you mentioned. But still issue is there… I assume developer time and Unix time are not in sync. (I know that wM developer is fetching unix system time since IS is installed on Unix).

Anybody have any ideas please?

EAI StartTime : 2012-08-02T08:04:522
It doesn’t look like there is seconds in this time stamp. Is this just a typo?

Hi Santhosh,

I m sorry… Yes, its typing mistake…

Hi, to your previous post, there is nothing a term like ddeveloper time. When you run ‘getCurrentDateString’ service, you would get the unix time on which your server is running.

If you give the pattern correctly I think you shud not be seeing such an issue. Can you please post the pattern that you are using in your service call?

Hi, the format which i had used was: yyyy-MM-dd’T’HH:mm:ss:SSS
Your format was :yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss:SSS

I have re-coded with your format and checked nearly 50 times… Its working :slight_smile: But if i coded with my format and checked for 50 times, 49 times went fine, bt only one time it could see again issue.

so, do you think its all because of format? Then why my format has passed 49 times and failed only one time.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: