Problem in insert notification


I am begner of wm , i created a insert notification after that what i have to do to get the notification when i inserting data in the table…please tell me the all steps.

Thanks in advance

You have created a insert notification, I am sure that you know which table your notification is pointing to.
This notification simply means if any insert will happen to the table you will receive an notification.

After creation of your insert notification, you must seen that one publishable document being created with the data field which you have selected during creation of insert notification.Now create one broker trigger which will call one flow service and receive this notification publishable document.
Now write your logic in that flow service depending upon your requirement.

This means whenever an insert event will occur in your table, document will published and your trigger will subscribe your document.After that your flow service will invoked.


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when m creating a trigger it asking for the condition and the document type…what i will put in these fields

Document type will be your notification document which is auto created while creating the insert notification.
select that document and select a service which you want to call after subscription of this document.

Please try to understand the concepts of the trigger.
when you want to call: documentType (you can put condition also like document name or you can put condition on the document field also)
which service will invoke: after receiving the doc. which service will invoked.(please refer SAG doc.)


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can u plz give some hint to publish my document while i am inserting the data in table ., i created a floe service in which invoked the insert service and the publish service…am i going right?

pls read the document… it has more details…

6-5_JDBC_Adapter_Install_and_Users_Guide.pdf - page 33

access it from site.


I have an table with feilds ‘ID’, ‘PAYTYPE’, ‘CUSTOM1’, ‘PAYGROUP’, ‘REMARKS’
and i created a insert notification on my table and created the trigger and give select condition in trigger and give publish document and
i created a flow service in which i take publish document as input and invoked Insert servive and publish service but m confussed in thier mapping

please help

Haveyou created a trigger enabled and a subscriber service (which will insert data to the dB) and make sure the subscribing service input is fully qualified publishable document type name…


yes my trigger in enable

Where do you stuck now in the subscribing service do you see the publishable document in the pipeline?


Where do you stuck now what do you see it?

Are you asking us to mapping help?

Now you can write your logic in subscribing service.
About the mapping, please use your field from publishable document which means at run time subscribing service will receive all the filed with data (as the input of subscribing service is the same notification document). so you can map all the field in our insert adapter service, if you are calling that insert adapter in your subscribing service.


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Yes you can start mapping as mentioned above steps and test the subscribing service (with restorepipeline) and then pub/sub end to end testing to make sure source data reached target DB tables.


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i have to invoke pub.pulish:publish to publish dis document?

Yes correct to publish (to Broker or local)

now invoked it …in this service pipeline there is a document in service in…

Ok follow the rest of the steps that above given:

all steps are completed…just want to know about the steps of subscriber flow service

my steps in flow service:-

  1. map
  2. invoked insert adapter service

    tell me what i have to take input and output and next steps which i have to take…