Problem in canonical subscription

I am facing a problem. Please see below for the description of the problem.

I have two modeler-based integrations (for example-- X & Y). These integrations are using a common custom canonical flowing back and forth.

One of the integration (X) when triggered it works as expected (i.e. published to broker and subscribed on the other side).

Sometimes the transaction fails (valid data reason) on the publishing side and when resubmitted in webMethods Monitor, to broker from the failed step the Canonical gets published successfully.
However the subscribe trigger (X) on the other side never receives and times out. On looking in to the server log we found an error from the other integration trigger (Y) saying No condition matches in trigger. Basically, the documents get subscribed by the other integration (Y) and trigger fails to match the condition specified. This problem occurs only when the failed publish process (X) is resubmitted from wM monitor. We would need your assistance to understand why the document is not subscribed by the actual trigger ( X subscribe trigger).

Thanks & regards,