Problem during configuration of SVN with IntegrationServer 8.2.1

Dear All,

I am trying to configure Subversion in IntegrationServer8.2.1 to make repository accessible from IS. I did the same as mentioned in 8-2-SP1_Storing_Services_in_a_VCS.pdf file. But when i put SVN URL server gets hunged and becomes unresponsive even i was unable to open admin concole, it was too slow.
I though it might takes much time to configure SVN so I left it for 6 hours after putting the URL but didn’t get success and server gets hunged. I did following

  1. Placed SVN binary distribution SPI i the system classpath
  2. Uncommented password-db=passwd parameter in svnserver.conf
  3. Updated ‘passwd’ file of SVN with new user details
  4. Then i tried to configure SVN URL in VCS>configuration>Edit configuration>Advance settings but here server gets hunges after putting the URL.

I didn’t get any error message i checked server.log, error.log,nohup.out and many mores to identify the issue but didn’t get any clue.

I am thinking it might be an issue of IS itself or may be a bug.

Please help me out.

Hello Deep,

Have you followed the guide correctly.

To configure the WmVCS package to work with Subversion
1 In Integration Server Administrator, go to the Solutions > VCS > Edit Configuration page.
2 In the Select Version Control System list, click Subversion, and then click Save Changes.
3 Restart Integration Server.

I have followed the steps and it is working fine for me.
Kind Regards,
Lutchumaya Karri Veeranna

Hi Deep:

There is a readme.txt file in “WmSubversion” package that has some configuration steps to perform. Since you didn’t mentioned about the steps in readme.txt, I assume you didn’t do it. If so, the missing steps from the “readme.txt” may help to correct your issue.

Good luck…

Hi Lutchumaya,

I have a question. Do you have any issue creating a new “flow service” from Developer ? After I have enabled VCS with “subversion 1.7.7”, I can only create versions on any existing “flow services”. When I try to create a new “flow service”, I am getting the following error:

Could not create ‘upgradetest.ServiceTest:Untitled_3’. [ISS.0132.9117] error running command [svn, lock, --username, benny, --password, ********]; exit value: 1; output: [svn: E155010: The node ‘/home/benny/webMethods/8_2/IntegrationServer/packages/UpgradeTest/ns/upgradetest/ServiceTest/Untitled_3/node.ndf’ was not found.]

I am not sure whether I have configuratin issue in IS version 8.2x or subversion issue.

Any idea or suggestion to fix my problem is very much appreciated…

Thanks, Ben…

I have the same problem now. Any suggestions?

Yes, this is known issue, after configuration of SVN if you create new item it is showing that error. We have raised a rquest with S/W AG and waiting for response.

Did you hear back from SAG about the resolution of this issue? Please share.


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