Problem creating XMl schema from xml schema/XSD

Hi i’m trying to create a couple of xml schemas and i created 1 schema without any problem but when i create a second one it says the following error msg:
Warning: 0

identifier: /schema/element[@name="message_package"]

source: -----   Source   -----

<xs:element abstract="false" nillable="false" name="message_package">

    <xs:complexType mixed="false">


        <xs:extension base="ctmem:request">

          <xs:attribute name="version" use="required" form="qualified">


              <xs:restriction base="xs:token">

                <xs:enumeration value="1.0"/>








warningMessage: [ISC.0082.9701] Duplicate declaration found in schema CTRLM:sairam with the same target namespace.

can’t we declare same element in 2 schema which has same targetNamespace, if so what should i do to add the element ref in the schema.
Hope someone help.counting on RMG,McClarson.


Could you upload the full schema/xsd file?? I am still not clear.


i’ll make myself clear,i have only dtd files to create IS Schema, so i used Stylus to create schemas (since creating directly from DTD didn’t work).
First when i created the EMAPI_register i didn’t give any problem, later on creating EMAPI_unregister it gave me warnings and after cliking Finish i didn’t see anything in my folder.
i’m attaching the files below.

FYI: actual targetname space as per API is [url][/url] i create the xsds using stylus tool (method is dtd to xml trang).
kanthi (4.16 KB)

I experienced the same issue before. Seems WM only allow one schema definition loaded with the same nameSpace. Ideally you don’t need more than one schema with the same nameSpace, but in many cases, people do need that.
My work around is to change the 2nd one’s namespace to something different (such as: [url][/url])
when you do validation of a xml, if you know which version of schema to validate against, just replace the namespace in xml with the one you defined for.

Thanks tongwang,
That worked well for now since i’m not validating the input or output.
But what if i wanna use the same namespace and validate the xml, coz we’ll not be able to remember later which one is which and have to look the schema1 or 2 or 3… everytime we need to validate xml.

how to manage the schema is up to you to define, you can create it under different folders with a meaningful name.
How to choose between them, that need to be based on the reason why you need to create so many schemas, you need to have logic to dertermine which to use (based on who’s sending, or some flag in the payload).