Problem by generating Repository for Blaze Advisor 6.8 (BRM)

Hi all,

I struggle with the generateRepository.bat Script to generate the Database schema in MS SQL Server and the Repository.

As the documentation in sais, I call the script like this:

generateRepository.bat -vendor SQLServer -driver -url jdbc:wm:sqlserver://localhost:1433;DatabaseName=CC_ADVISOR_RULES -user *** -password *** -table CC_RULES_ADVISOR -repository CC_RULES_REPO -workspace private -workspaceFolder C:\SoftwareAG\blaze\private -workspaceUser *** -workspacePswd ***

I put the JDBC driver jar onto the classpath by modifying the script:


Then I get the following error:

2011-07-189 12:45:22 IST <BlazeRules : INFO> - Assigning Values for WorkSpace
2011-07-189 12:45:22 IST <BlazeRules : INFO> - Building Config Files
2011-07-189 12:45:22 IST <BlazeRules : INFO> - Creating table to hold repository

com.blazesoft.repository.base.NdRepositoryException: Create table failed for ven
dor "SQLServer" Column, parameter, or variable
#12: Cannot find data type LONGBINARY.

So the problem is that I do not have the appropriate Driver class I guess. I used the standard MS driver… but I can not find the correct driver class/jar for jdbc:wm:sqlserver… It does not work with jdbc:sqlserver:… either.

I can create a Database in Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio Express and I can connect to this from Designer, but not with that script.

I tried a lot around, but I stuck at the moment. Can you please give me an advice for this?

Using WebMethod 8.0 and Blaze Advisor 6.8.

Thank you very much.