Price of webMethods BPM Suite

i have a question maybe u can help me =).
how much does the product webMethods BPM Suite cost after the 6 months free trial?

I hope u can help me thank u very muchh =)

It will cost you several million dollars (SAG is costly but they provide better support like other products), better to check with your local sales representative from Software AG to get better offers and deals. Hope this helps.

Do you mean that every year it costs a few millions??

Not every year, the cost depends on several factors/components and the price varies as per the customer base, kindly get in touch with the local sales representative from Software AG, Germany.

Moreover, this forum community is to discuss technical stuff related to SAG Product suite. Hope this helps.


You still look out for wM BPMS (aka DAP) product, please revert. Thanks