Preventing escaping of characters in WS call

We pass in the following text as the payload of a Web Service call in a document as a test in an element:

< > </Description

When we look at the SOAP message on the server log it has converted it to the following:

< >

We need to stop this from happening! Ultimately, we need to pass out something more complex, but this is the sumbling block.

In summary: how can we stop the web service engine in the IS from automatically escaping the characters?

Can you explain why you want to stop this from happening? Characters that have meaning in XML must be converted to character entities otherwise the resulting XML will not be parsed correctly. Or are you trying to dynamically build nested elements?

Ultimately, we need to send out an element that contains the following text:

I know that is the same as


But not to the system receiving it; it INSISTS on the CDATA wrapper.

To do this, we construct an element in the mapping like this:


Which looks good right up to the Web Service call when inspected. However the Web Service call converts it into this (we are logging the SOAP message on the server):

Hence the original post; how to stop conversion from ‘<’ to &lt.



Fun! I’m always surprised at the number of places that believe they need to use CDATA. It’s a bit odd.

Alas, I don’t know how to do what you ask. :frowning: