There is a relatively new feature to report MULTIFETCH statistics using:
ADARUN PREFSTDD=STATDD where STATDD is DDNAME where statistics are suppose to be reported.
It is unclear to us (at least me) if this is in the application JOB or Nucleus JOB?
But we have run it in both places with a JOB:

We have verified that the Multifetch is taking place (via operator commands DFILESTAT);
However we can get no stats output.
We are running at V8.3 under VSE. Is it supported under VSE? No parm errors.

It seems clear in the documentation that the DD is in the nucleus start-up job.

Perhaps the report is controlled by the REFSTPRT parameter and/or the REFRESHSTATS function.


When I was testing this Adabas Multifetch capability 3 or 4 years ago on a Z/OS Adabas 8.2 system, I found all I needed to do was put the STATDD DD card in my application job JCL and then reference it on the ADARUN card, also in my JCL. As long as I also had PREFETCH=YES on the DDCARD when I ran the job I would see the stats report print out with my JCL sysout.

This example from the 8.3.1 Operations, ADARUN Parameter Directory shows what I remember doing. (Sorry, I left my old JCL behind when I left that contract.)



The only problem I had was that I was testing with Natural programs, and the only stats I saw reported were for the Natural nucleus starting up and reading my program’s object module from FUSER. Natural then issued a Close command before starting my Natural program, and no stats after the first Close were captured and reported. So it worked good for Cobol or other direct call programs but not Natural. SAG claimed it was “working as designed and documented”. Apparently this has been addressed beginning with Adabas 8.3.4 which now supports multiple Open/Close sessions and reports each session individually and cumulative.

Hope that helps. Good luck!

Thanks George. We are applying this to COBOL ADASQL jobs and have done what we consider is the VSE equivalent of your zOS example, but get no output. We have tried going directly to SYSLST or to a dataset. Neither seems to write statistics despite having the proper ADARUN cards and confirming MULTIFETCH is actually taking place (via operator commands). Since JOB does not give any ADARUN errors like it does if run under 8.1 it seems VSE recognizes the PREFSTDD ADARUN card but no output.
You have helped by confirming it is on application side but we have tried it both ways with no difference. Might try Ralph’s suggestion but that would only seem to work if PREFETCH Stats were coming from NUC.
It would be helpful if anyone running VSE out there has sample JCL that they used???

We received fix from Software AG for V8.3.4 VSE. After applying it we changed application job to have ADARUN PREFSTDD=SYSLST and it produced the stats we wanted. Problem solved. This is perfect as it allows programmers to see their results without impacting DBA or Nucleus JCL.