Preferences not visible while using Global wiring


I have created a portlet with two preferences. The scope of these preferences is “Value shared by all portlet instances”. None of these are hidden or Read only.

I deployed this portlet on server and included it as a child of “Global wiring Data”.

But now when I want to wire these preferences to other portlets, these are not visible. I right click and select wiring, Choose the proper portlet, but nothing comes up in the available wired properties.

I rechecked the portlet and confirmed that these preferences are not hidden. Am I missing something?
Please help.
Thanks in Advance,
Ninad (16.2 KB)

I have seen this behavior and also don’t know why it happens. As a workaround, I created a “dummy” preference, with scope “Value stored per user”. After deploying the project again, I could see and use all preferences (even those with scope “Value shared by all portlet instances”).

In v8 you can configure Global Parameters and Environment Entries in the CAF Application Runtime Configuration. Wouldn’t this be a simple option for you?

hope it helps,