Predictive Text in NJX

I’m actually working in a project with natural for ajax in Chile, and my client asked me if we could put some predictive text in an input field, so far I know, there is no component for do this in natural for Ajax, so my question is. do you know how we can put this text in NJX? anyone have found this problem in their clients and had to do this. When I said “predictive text”, I’m talking to an input field like google search (while I’m writing some text, the system show me some options for my text)

I was wondering if you could help me with this problem.

best Regards.

As you say, currently there’s no way, a flushmethod will only kick in when a
field is left, but not on a keypress.

I thought so :? … thank you very much

This problem still is open and I was wondering if someone has solved this using non-standard controls using javscript or something like this.

Yes, you have to use non standard controls. (Or wait until Software AG release a control that will do that).

We have absorbed some existing controls from other systems (built in Java) and converted them for use in NaturalOne / Natural for AJAX.

I think the next version of NaturalOne should alleviate a lot of the ‘custom control’ problems (and some more documentation to my understanding).

For now, we have created a terrific product (Web UI), absorbing a lot of our other areas work over the years (their Java controls, Web page design standards, Accessibility and Usability issues) with a wonderful completely ‘Natural’ back end.

But of course, as we have modified the controls to our own uses, we are now in charge of the ‘xml’ front end. It’s a very good feeling to be in charge of both.

So in short, to answer your question… IT definitely is possible

Hi Trentan,

Can you share? This is not for me but my friends and colleagues in Chile are still looking for a solution for their customer.